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Common reasons for slow website

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A slow-loading website could be the result of a poorly optimised page. There are several ways to optimise your website, therefore making it load faster and providing you with better search engine placements.

These options include:

  • Optimising the number of queries executed during page load
  • Resizing and compressing images, so they take up less space
  • Reducing the number of external feeds you pull to loads your pages

Please note, these options are solely aimed at helping you optimise your website.

If your website is database driven and uses Joomla or WordPress, you may have additional modules installed? The more modules you have installed the slower your website will be, generally, so removing some unneeded modules will likely speed up the load times.

Reducing the size of images that are loaded is a great way to increase the speed of your website, it also consumes less bandwidth on your hosting account. Consider using .gif and .jpeg image formats to lower the file size. You can also compress the image files to save even more space.

If you have external feeds being pulled to your hosting account upon loading the webpage, we recommend that you cache them. Caching will increase the stability of your website, as your site no longer has to wait for the remote server to respond in order to finish loading the page.

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