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Delete Email from Server

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There are two main ways of configuring your email, POP and IMAP.

If you are using IMAP all your emails are stored on the server until you delete them manually and if you are using POP then all emails are downloaded to your device and removed from the server, unless you've changed the options in your email client to leave a copy on the server.

If you wish to store emails locally and remove them from the server you will need to setup your email client to use POP rather than IMAP. Please be aware that if you download your emails and remove them from the server this will mean only one device will be able to use the email account fully and they will disappear from other devices (phone/tablet etc).

With both POP3 and IMAP, moving to the local "Archive" folder may be an alternative but when doing so, they will no longer be on the server or backed up.

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