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Sending Attachments

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Sending attachments via email should generally be an effortless affair but depending on the size and content of the attachment, this may be blocked by your computer, us or the receiving server.

There are a few different reasons why you may be unable to send attachments in an email from your web hosting account. We have outlined these possibilities below:
  • Your antivirus software that is installed on your local machine may be taking out attachments if they are not permitted in its settings. You may be able to resolve this by temporarily disabling the antivirus software, while you send your attachments, or by changing the settings.
  • The file extension that you are attempting to send may not be permitted to be sent by the mail server. For example, files like .exe, .com and .bat are commonly used in virus/malware attacks and generally blocked.
  • Your attachment is larger than the receiving server's permitted size. We have no file size limit for sending attachments but other email providers may limit attachment size, e.g. 10MB. If this is the case, contact the receiving server administrator and ask them to increase the allowed file size. Or you can use an online file sharing website, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

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