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Missing Email

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There are a few different reasons why an email may have not been received. We have outlined these below, so you can ensure none of these are affecting your email.

  • Spam Folder - It may have done into the spam folder, please check the spam folder before any other steps. Please note that there is also a spam quarantine section of Mail Guard which will have emails in that were stopped before getting to the spam folder, but if the email is legitimate then it is very unlikely the email would be stopped at this point.

  • Send a Test Email - If you send yourself a test email and it works fine then you can rule out most issues that could effect the email server or your email account.

  • Disk Space - Your email account requires disk space to store all the emails received. If your account has run out of space, you will either need to delete some existing emails to free up some space, or you can add additional disk space.

  • Blacklisted IP Address - Sometimes the IP address that you are sending the email from has been blacklisted as an anti-spam measure. Anti-spam organisations compile lists of IP addresses that have been known to deliver spam emails.

  • MX Records - Making sure that your MX records are pointing to your mail server is important. If the MX records aren't being pointed to your mail server, then they have been lost on route.

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